Terça-feira, 23 de Dezembro de 2008

 - Estou de férias do Inglês
mas dia 5 eu volto,
nem é férias, é recesso
mas não deixo de estudar em casa.

 -  Uau! It will be just a little break.

 -  yes

  - Your English improoves every day. This is very good for you

 - Thanks.  I anderstand very well to write but I don't speak very well

  - sister, our mom is asking me for lunch right now. Can you come with us?

 -  every day I like English very much e and I want to learn more



 -  Very nice! It's the way!

 -  I yet will go to make lunch.
Have a good lunch with our parents


   ok. bye!

 -  depois vamos tc assim em I... tá?
é mt bom

te amo

 -  You have had a wonderful idea!!! Count on me!!!

  - thanks my brother

 -  I love you too

 -  kiss to my father and my mother and my brothers

Merry Cristmas!!!

 -  to your family too, bye

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